[v7.5] Reports, Dashboard 2.0, Data Export, Voice Messaging, Time Zone, and more!

Here comes the big update that most of you have been waiting for! We packed so many long-awaited features in this release and finally it's ready to be used. Let's go through the list of features:-

YesHello Team on the new feature

[NEW] Reports Module

One of the most requested features of all time and we have to make it right for our customers. After many iterations of requirements and design, we finally nailed down the metrics and performance indicators that are helpful for your day-to day reporting needs.

[NEW] Dashboard 2.0

Yes, you heard it right! We did an upgrade to our current dashboard and gave it a brand new look to match our Reports Module. Not only that, we provided more useful widgets to help managers with their monitoring and workforce management needs.

[NEW] Data Export

Wait, now we have Reports and Dashboard 2.0, Data Export too?! I know, so many reporting goodies in this release right. We wanted to give our customers the flexibility to analyze their own data in case the new Reports Module and Dashboard 2.0 didn't match their reporting needs. With the exported data you can create your own dashboard using Excel or any other data visualization tool.

[NEW] Voice Message

Prefer sending voice notes over typing a message? We are so proud to tell you that our Messaging Module now supports Voice Messaging. You can now record voice notes and send them to your contacts for better interactions and personalisation.

[NEW] Time Zone Settings

We have added Time Zone settings for space level to address the time issues for Reports, Dashboards, and Views. Update your preferred time zone is Settings > General now!

[NEW] Conversations

This is the highlight of this release. You may not know it but this is the backbone for Reports, Dashboard and Data Export. We are introducing this new entity to the platform to help our users better manage their interactions with their contacts. This is just the beginning and we will continue to build mode features around Conversations.

For this release, we will be associating conversation status instead of status for a contact. You can open or close a conversation with a contact and the conversation status will change accordingly. Opening and closing a conversation has an effect on the resolution metrics for Reports Module.

[IMPROVED] Dialog Flow Improvements

Oh yes, some updates for DialogFlow users out there. We took in some feedback and did some improvements on DialogFlow. Now, the DialogFlow integration will be able to process location from the platform. In addition that, we have also added Contact's language in the payload so that you can trigger the contact's preferred language if necessary.

[IMPROVED] WhatsApp Message Template Parameters

Before, the parameter only allows a maximum of 50 characters, and that has been a limitation for some of our customers. So we decided to drop the limit and impose no maximum characters for the template parameters but we will validate the length of the message inclusive of the parameters to make sure it doesn't exceed the message length of 1024 characters.

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