Sending Custom Notifications

Sending Custom Notifications via Dialogflow Intent Parameters.

By default, the Notification System will send notifications to platform users when a user sends a new message. Additional notifications can be created and sent to platform users using parameters in Dialogflow Intents.

To send a notification to platform users use the RB_NOTIFY parameter in your Dialogflow Intent(s).

If a user has their email notifications enabled, they will receive the notification triggered from Dialogflow to email as well.

Using The Notification Parameter

A notification can be sent to the platform using the RB_NOTIFY as the Parameter Name. The value of the parameter will be sent as the notification.

Dynamic Variables can be used in the value of the parameter.

Best Practices

Use the dynamic variable in order to let the platform user know which contact needs attention.

Use RB_NOTIFY together with RB_BOTSTATUS and RB_MARKDONE to ensure the contact gets the attention they need.

For more information on how notifications work on the Platform, you can take a look at the documentation page here.

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