Sending Snippets

Sending Snippets through Dialogflow.

The Snippets system is used to store the content of commonly used responses on the YesHello Platform.

Snippets can be sent out manually in the Messages Module to reduce typing, sent manually or sent using parameters in Dialogflow Intents.

By sending Snippets in your Dialogflow Agent, you are able to store the content of your Intent responses on the YesHello Platform where they can be easily managed and edited.

Multiple intents can also use the same Snippet. In this case, editing the Snippet will update the content of the response across all of the Intents.

To send a Snippet using Dialogflow Intents, use the RB_SNIPPET parameter. The triggering Intent will respond with the Snippet content.

Using the Snippet Parameter

With RB_SNIPPET, you can send a Snippet to as the response. Set the value of the parameter to the Snippet ID that you wish to send.

To create or manage your Snippets on the YesHello Platform, you can use the Snippets Module.

Updating or changing the name or content of a Snippet will conserve the existing Snippet ID.

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