Turning the Bot Off

Turning the bot off from Rocketbots contacts using Dialogflow Intent Parameters.

A Dialogflow agent can be turned on/off manually in the Contacts Module or Messages Module or turned off using parameters in Dialogflow intents.

Using a Dialogflow intent to turn a contacts Bot Status off can be used in order to create a human handoff in your bot workflow.

When Bot Status if off for a contact, no messages are passed to Dialogflow.

Contacts Bot Status off will appear on the platform Dashboard under Action Needed.

Using The Bot Status Parameter

With RB_BOTSTATUS, you can turn the bot off for the specific user by setting the value to false.

Best Practices

The Fallback intent does not include a place to add parameters. When turning off the bot from Dialogflow you should create a quick reply in your Fallback intent asking the contact if they want to talk to a human. If the contact responds with the yes quick reply, that should take the to the intent with the RB_BOTSTATUS parameter.

When using this parameter to shut the bot off, you may also want to update the user status on the platform with RB_MARKDONE and send a notification on the platform with the RB_NOTIFY parameter within a single intent.

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