Response Templates

Sending responses to YesHello contacts using Dialogflow Response Templates.

When creating an intent in the Dialogflow console you'll be presented with several response templates. Default appears automatically for every new intent, but other templates are available for several messages apps.

Please use the guidelines below when working with Response Templates.

Dynamic Variables can be used in your Dialogflow Responses.

Using Response Templates

Dialogflow has created Response Templates for Facebook Messenger, Telegram, LINE, Viber, Slack, and Skype.

The image below shows an intent with several response templates.

When sending messages to a channel supported by Dialogflow use the Response Template for that app. When a channel does not have a Reponse Template in Dialogflow, please refer to the table below.

These guideline are only for Response Templated, be aware that custom payloads have their own guidelines.

In short, our platform will forward messages to each respective channel based on below priority. If an answer is not available in the 1st priority Response Template, the 2nd Priority Response Template will send, if 2nd is not available 3rd will be sent.

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