Facebook Chat Plugin

Adding a Facebook Customer Chat Plugin to your website.


The Facebook Customer Chat Plugin allows customers to chat through Facebook Messenger on your website. If your website visitors already have a conversation history with your Facebook page, the history will be visible on Facebook Chat Plugin.

This helps create a single experience for your Contacts, and enables you to continue the conversation even after they have left your webpage. However, it requires website visitors to be logged in to their Facebook account to chat. Visitors that are not logged in will be prompted to do so.

Creating a Facebook Chat Plugin Script

1. Navigate to Settings > Channel Settings.

2. Find the Facebook Messenger channel.

3. Press the Chat Plugin button.

4. Add the domain of the website you want to add the Chat Plugin on.

5. Select a theme colour.

6. Press Next.

8. Add the script provided into your website.

Alternatively, you can send the instructions to someone else, or read our documentation.

Configuring Advanced Settings

The Script added to your website does not need to be updated if Advanced Settings are adjusted later

In Advanced Settings Facebook Chat Plugin Behaviour can be adjusted. To adjust Facebook chat plugin behaviour:

1. Navigate to Settings > Channel Settings.

2. Find the Facebook Messenger channel.

3. Press the Chat Plugin button.

4. Press Advanced Settings.

The parameters you can adjust are outlined below.

Display Greeting Dialog

The widget can be set in three modes:

  • Show: greeting pops open after a set delay

  • Hide: only the messenger logo will be shown until user clicks

  • Fade: greeting pops up after set delay then fades away

Greeting Dialog Controls

The following Greeting Dialog controls can also be adjusted:

  • Greeting Dialog Delay: set the time to pop up in seconds

  • Greeting message for logged in user: greeting message for users whose browser is already logged into Facebook

  • Greeting message for logged out user: greeting message for users whose browser is not logged into Facebook

Add Reference Code

A reference code can be added to Contacts who chat with you through the chat plugin.

Reference codes are useful for identifying where a specific contact came from and is great for starting Automations.

When finished customizing press the Next then Done for the changes to take effect

Installing the Chat Plugin

After you are finished customizing the chat plugin, a script for the plugin will be generated.

You will have to copy and paste the code in the <body> section of your website.

Depending on what system you use to create and manage your website, we have created step by step guides to walk you through installing a Chat Widget onto your website.

pageInstall on WordPresspageInstall on ShopifypageInstall on WixpageInstall on Squarespace

If you wish, you can also simply forward the code snippet along with installation instructions to your website administrator. Select the respective checkbox and enter the email address of someone who can help you install the chat plugin.

Once you have copied the code or filled out the email address, press the blue Done button to close the menu.

The Facebook Chat widget will appear on your site once the script has been successfully installed.


Chat Plugin Not Showing/Loading

1. Check if the web page URL starts with HTTPS, Facebook Chat Plugin may not work on websites without SSL certificates.

2. Check the domain is whitelisted correctly in Facebook Chat Plugin Settings.

Still having trouble? Contact us here!

Chat Plugin Not Showing/Loading (Installed With Wix)

1. Move the Facebook Chat Plugin to top of the Tracking Tools & Analytics list.

Still having trouble? Contact us here!

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