📖 Glossary of Terms

In order to help users better understand the platform, here are the definition of the terms that are commonly used in the platform.


Agents are Users who have been invited to collaborate on the Space by the Creator, an Owner or a Manager.

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A user to whom the contact was assigned to.


An action where a contact can be assigned to any users in the space.

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Automated processes that can be configured with a specified trigger and expected outcome.


Away Message

Away Message function is designed to be activated when Platform Users are not available to answer messages from contacts.

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A feature to transmit specified content to a group of contacts through a specified channel



The messaging medium connected to the platform to receive and send messages from contacts. For example, Facebook Messenger can be connected to YesHello as one of the messaging channels to engage with your contacts.


Contacts are people who have interacted with the messaging channels connected to the platform. Their contact profile is created when they send their first message through any connected messaging channels.



A Creator is a User who created a new Space. The creator of a Space, has full access to everything on the Space.

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Custom Field

An attribute type that collects facts about the contacts that is in your business's context. An example of a custom field can be the plan the contact is subscribed to.

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An active connection that can be configured with a third-party product that helps you to achieve more with YesHello. One of the common use cases is using DialogFlow as a bot to respond to messages.


Managers are Users who have been invited to work on the Space by the Creator or by Owners.

Managers do no have access to the Settings Module or Billing Module. However they do have access to all other modules.

Managers can add/revoke Agents to/from the Platform.

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A written communication sent from your contact to any of the messaging channels. A contact may send multiple messages at one time and it can be in various form.



A person that is given access to the space on the platform


The Owner is a user access level that has access to all the modules of YesHello except for Billing. Owners can be invited to the Space by the Creator of the Space or other Owners of the Space.

Owners are able to access Settings to configure channels, configure integrations as well as add/revoke owners, managers and operators.

Owners are not able to delete Spaces or change Platform Plans.

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A message template that is used for standardized replies and responses to your contacts. Snippets can be shared with other users across the space.



Space is referred to as a workspace for the users to perform tasks such as responding to contacts, viewing the dashboard, creating broadcasts, configuring the space and etc.


Surveys are best used to quickly and automatically collect information from a large volume of your contacts. By sending surveys are able to collect and record qualitative data as well as save important information as custom fields.



A manual attribute to group the contacts on the platform. Tags can be added to contacts via automation or manual tagging. In addition to that, it can be used to filter contacts and create contact views.


A group of users that shares a common goal in the workforce.



A person that is given access to the space on the platform



A collection of contacts based on a set of criteria. Views can be used in the Contacts and Messaging module to filter contacts of a certain context.


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