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Connecting a LINE Official Account to chat with customers over LINE.
To connect LINE, a LINE Official Account is required. We have a guide to creating one here.
LINE is a popular messaging app in Asia, with over 800 million users. This LINE Official Account integration lets you respond to messages directly from our platform.

Connecting a LINE Official Account

There are two parts to connecting a LINE Official Account:

Configuring the LINE Official Account

To connect, the Line Official Account Messaging API will need to be enabled & a Provider must be created.
2. Navigate to Settings > Enable Messaging API.
3. Press Enable Messaging API.
Messaging API Page
4. Register a Developer Account.
Developer Registration Page
5. Enter a Provider Name and press Agree. This provider will appear in the LINE Developers Console in the following steps.
Links to Privacy Policy and Terms of Use will be requested. These are both optional.
6. Press OK to Enable Messaging API.
7. Navigate to Response Settings > Detailed Settings.
Response Settings Page
8. Find Webhooks in Detail Settings and select Enabled.
Now you are ready to start connecting the Channel.

Connecting the LINE Official Account

To connect the Line Official Account:
  • A Channel ID, Channel Secret and Channel Access token need to be retrieved from the Line Developers Platform
  • The Webhook URL will need to be added to the LINE Developers Platform.
2. Select the Provider created.
Select Provider
3. Select the Channel to connect.
Select Channel
A Channel with the same name as the Provider you created will already exist. Use this Channel for the following steps.
4. Navigate to Basic Settings and find the Channel ID.
Channel ID
5. Open the YesHello platform Channel Settings > Add Channel > LINE.
6. Press next on the platform and add the Channel ID.
Channel Settings
7. Find and issue the Channel Secret on LINE Developers platform.
8. Add the Channel Secret to the YesHello platform.
9. Press Next and copy the Webhook URL.
Webhook URL
10. Navigate to the Messaging API tab on the LINE Official Accounts platform.
11. Add the URL generated to the Webhook URL field.
Webhook Settings
12. Press Update and verify the Webhook.
13. Enable Use Webhook below.
14. Scroll down to issue a Channel Access Token.
Channel ID
15. Add the Channel Access token to the platform.
16. Press Done on the platform.
Any direct messages sent to your LINE Official Account will now be received in your Space.

Channel Configuration

Every LINE channel connected can be configured with a unique:
  • Channel Name
  • Greeting Message
1. Navigate to Settings > Channel Settings.
2. Find the LINE channel to configure.
Channel Settings
3. Press the blue Configure button.
Configure LINE
4. Configure the channel.
5. Press Done.
Your Channel Name and/or Greeting Message has been edited.


Still having trouble with the channel? Contact us here!


The LINE Official Account Channel has the limitation listed below:
  • LINE Desktop App does not support Quick Replies.