View your messaging history and start conversations.

Getting Here

This module can be accessed from the side navigation menu under the menu item, Messages.

Messaging Module has 5 main sections

  1. Contact View Selector

  2. Contact List

  3. Messaging Console

  4. Conversation Action

  5. Contact Details

1. Contact View Selector

The view selector is a dropdown where you can select different views of the contacts.

Learn more about Views!

Showing my contacts

There is a quick option to show contacts assigned to you only by pressing on Mine at the contact view selector. This quick option can help you retrieve the list of assigned contacts so you can do what you needed to do with it.

Notification Indicators

The Notification Indicators show the number of contacts available in a chosen filter. As for the color, please refer to the following:

Indicator ColorDescription


There are no unread messages


There are unread messages that requires your attention

Using the example above, it simply means:

  1. There are 5 contacts in the Unassigned view.

  2. There are 2 contacts assigned to the user and there are unread messages present.

2. Contact List

Based on the view selected, the list of contacts can vary depending on the view criteria. The contact list is located at the left of the Messaging Module and it refreshes every time a new view is selected or a message is received.

Selecting a Contact

Whether or not you are sending a message or simply want to review past conversations, you must first select a contact you want to view.

By default, the contact list is sorted by the most recent message.

Conversation Status


Conversation Status

The small round logo located at the bottom right of the avatar indicates the status of the contact. If the contact does not have an open conversation, a green checked logo will show. Otherwise, it will not show anything.


The small round logo located at the bottom right of the contact list item indicates which messaging channel the contact originated from.

Unread Count

If there are unread messages, there will be a count highlighted in a blue box besides the contact name.

Last Message

The date on the top right of the contact record shows the last message sent or received. The arrow indicates the most recent message type either outgoing or incoming.


The initial or user avatar on the bottom right indicates which user is this contact assigned to.

Tips: If you need a find a specific contact or conversation quickly, you can use the search bar at the top and do a search by name, email and phone number.

3. Messaging Console

Messaging Console is where you can view the messages received from a contact and you can compose or draft messages to respond to the contact. When a contact is selected from the contact list, the conversation history will load including the Message Metadata and Conversation Events.

Message Metadata

When you hover a message, the message metadata will show in a callout. The metadata consists of the sender of the message and timestamp of the message statuses.

Refer to Message Status for more information on the different message statuses. As for the sender, it indicates where the message was sent via.




Survey via Automation


Rocket AI

Away Message

Space Name (Greeting Message)


Survey via Dialogflow



Facebook Inbox

WhatsApp Echo

Facebook Messenger Message Tag


User Name (Regular Outgoing Message)



Reply-To Context

This feature is only available for selected channels such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp 360dialog and WhatsApp ChatAPI.

When a contact replies to one of your messages, it will show in the messaging module on which message is he/she referring to provide context. Bear in mind that Reply-To context is only applicable to Incoming Messages only.

Message Status

When a user sends a message to the contact, the user can check on the delivery status to ensure the message is delivered.

You can check on the delivery status of a message by hovering over the message.

For each message sent to the contact, there will be an indicator that indicates the status of the message. The statuses are described as follow:-

Message Status is only applicable to messages sent within the messaging window of the channel

Some messaging channels have limited coverage of message status, please refer to this table on the coverage for each channel.

If the message failed to be sent to the contact, hover over the message and it will describe error from the platform or the channel source.

Conversation Events

The Message History will also keep track of important events, such as when a Contact was previously marked done and by who.

Event Category



User Assigned User Assigned by Automation

User Assigned by Bot

Marked Done

Marked Done (Manual)

Marked Done by Automation

Marked Pending (Manual)

Marked Pending by Automation

Marked Pending by Bot


Contact Snoozed

Contact Unsnooze


Broadcast Sent


Survey Started

Survey Started by Automation Survey Started by Broadcast Survey Canceled Survey Canceled by Automation Survey Canceled by Broadcast Survey Canceled by API

Survey Completed

Survey Failed

Bot Status Update

Bot Status Off

Bot Status Off by Automation

Bot Status Off by Bot

Bot Status On

Bot Status On by Automation

Bot Status On by Bot


Event coming from Channel

Page Change

Event when a visitor navigates to a different page (Web Chat)


Contact Merged Contact Unmerged New Channel Added

Conversation Events with Reference

If there is a need to trigger a event with a reference, it is possible to do so with selected channels (Facebook, WhatsApp). A Conversation Opened event or Channel event can be triggered with a reference and the reference code will be stored with the event. For events that contains URL as source, the URL will also be stored and showed in the Messaging Module.

Events will belong to a conversation if they are triggered during an open conversation.

Sending Messages

Here is a quick guide on how to send messages to your contacts.

Important: Some messaging channel has a limited messaging window and you may face challenges to send a message. Be sure to plan your replies ahead to ensure your message is delivered. Find out more about Messaging Window!

4. Conversation Action

Assignment and Closing a Conversation

Assigning a contact and closing a conversation work in tandem to help you and your team stay organized when dealing with an influx of conversations. Assign contacts to specific agents and archive resolved conversations by closing it.

Assignment and Closing a Conversation are designed to work together to reduce the workload of the agent and manager. There are a few key actions that happen automatically to achieve this:

  • Anytime the platform receives a new message from a contact with no open conversation, a new conversation will be opened for this contact.

  • Responding to any unassigned contact will automatically assign the contact to you

  • Closing an open conversation of a contact will automatically unassign the contact from the agent

Refer to the respective pages for more information

Snoozing a Contact

A Contact can be snoozed to temporarily exclude the Contact in the list. This can be done by pressing the alarm icon at the top right of the Messages Module and select the time for how long the contact will be snoozed.

Once it is time, the Contact will be listed in the list once again.

When you snooze a contact, the contact will not be shown in the Mine list until the specified time.

At any point in time, if you wish to unsnooze the contact, you can do so by clicking on this timer-off icon.

5. Contacts Details

On the right of the Messaging Module, you can find the contact details of the selected contact. Here, you can easily access useful information to help you respond to the contact. While responding to the contact, you can update the contact details with the latest information you obtain from them.

Read more about contact details here :

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