Assignment and Closing a Conversation

Learn how to assign a conversation and closing a conversation

Assigning a contact to an agent

The Assignment drop-down can be found on the top right corner of the Messaging Module and it may be used to assign or reassign a contact to a user. The dropdown will list all the available agents with their avatars. In addition to that, you can also search for a user using the search box.

Closing a Conversation

Next to the Assignment drop-down, there is a button where the agent can open or close a conversation. When a contact has an open conversation, a user can close the open conversation. When a contact has a closed conversation, the user can open a new conversation to interact with a contact.

Finding Your Contacts & Unassigned Contacts

As you chat with contacts you will need to navigate between contacts assigned to you and contacts that are unassigned. You can do this easily by switching between the 2 main tabs of the Contact List.

You can also view all contacts in your contact list.

All contacts filtered by Pending or Done

Or all contacts assigned to any agent or manager.

How to un assign a contact

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