Receiving alerts when a contact needs your attention.

New contacts can start messaging you and new conversations can begin at any time, whether you are currently on or off the YesHello Platform. Using notifications, the Platform will alert you whenever there are contacts that need your attention.

Notification Types

Various events on the platform can cause you to receive a notification. You will receive a notification from the Platform when one of the following occurs.

You can disable notifications for new messages from unassigned contacts from User Profile.

Receiving Notifications

There are two channels in which you will receive notifications from the Platform.

Notification Center

Whenever a new notification is received, it will listed in the Notification Center. The Notification Center can be found on the top left of the platform. Look for the icon button that resembles a bell.

When there are new notifications, a badge will appear atop the Notification Center icon, displaying the number of new unread notifications.

You can press the blue "Mark All as Read" to mark all of your notifications as read.

While the YesHello Platform is open, receiving a new notification cause notification sound to be played.

You can click of any of the notifications in the Notification Center to immediately navigate to the conversation with associated contact in Messages.

Email Notification

An email will also be sent to you when you receive a new notifications.

To prevent your inbox from getting spams, email alerts for new messages are heavily gated for messaging notifications. For example, you will not receive email notifications for new messages if you are currently active on the Platform. There is also a minimum buffer time between these alerts if you remain inactive on the Platform.

** Applicable to notifications for new messages only

Note that this time-gating only applies to notifications for new messages. Other email notifications, such as Comment Mentions, Contact Assigned, and Custom Notifications, do not observe this and will always be sent out.

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Notification Settings

You can choose to opt out of email notifications at any time. To do this, navigate to your User Profile.

You can navigate to the User Profile from the user dropdown menu on the top right of the platform. Click on your account name to open the user dropdown menu and select the "Profile" option.

Under the Notification Preferences field, you can change how often you will be alerted by email.

By default, you will receive email notifications for all contacts. However, you can also choose to receive notifications only for contacts that have been assigned to you. Alternatively, you can also completely opt out of receiving any email notifications at all.

Remember to press the blue "Update" button to save changes you made to your User Profile.

Chrome Browser Notifications

You can choose to mute Chrome browser notifications at any time. To do this, navigate to your Chrome browser and log in to your platform.

To manage the chrome browser notification sounds, right click on the chrome browser tab

You can mute or unmute the notification sounds.

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