Contact Fields

Under the Contact Fields section, you can find a list of contact fields, manage the existing custom fields and create new custom fields to be used within the space.

Using Contact Fields

When your business requires to collect more information from your contacts, you can use contact fields to collect that information. Adding contact fields to your space will enable your team to collect accurate and useful information from your contact.

Besides that, contact fields can be used for automation triggers where automation can happen when a custom field's value is changed. A custom field value can also be used to personalize your messages as it can be used as a dynamic variable.

Getting Here

This setting is accessible by Owner and Manager only!

This setting can be accessed from the Settings navigation menu under the menu item, Contact Fields.

In this setting, you can :

  • Add a custom field

  • Edit a custom field

  • Delete a custom field

Tips: Use the 🔍 at the top to quickly find the custom field that you are looking for.

Viewing Contact Fields

By default, a set of basic contact fields will be created for the space for the users to update contact's information. This set of contact fields cannot be edited or deleted from the space as these fields may concern the operations of the platform. The list of contact fields are as follows :-

Field NameDescription

First Name

The first name of the contact. The value can be provided by channel if applicable.

Last Name

The last name of the contact. The value can be provided by channel if applicable.

Phone Number

The phone number of the contact. The value can be provided by channel if applicable.

Email Address

The email address of the contact. The value can be provided by channel if applicable.


The country of the contact. The value can be derived from the contact's phone number if applicable.


The language of the contact. The value is derived from the contact's client system if applicable.

Profile Picture

The profile picture of the contact. This value can only be provided by the channel if applicable and cannot be changed by the user.

Adding a new custom field

Step 1: Navigate to the Contact Fields Settings Page From Settings Module, navigate to the menu item, Contact Fields.

Step 2: Press ADD CUSTOM FIELD To add a custom field to your space, press the blue ADD CUSTOM FIELD button at the top of this section. The Add Custom Field dialog will appear and fill in the required information.

Step 3: Name the custom field and describe it Enter a name for the new custom field along with a short description. These fields will help you identify the custom field added and understand the intentions.

Step 4: Select a field type There are various field types that you can set for your new custom field. Be sure to choose an appropriate field type to collect relevant and better information for your contact.

You may select from the following field types :

Field TypeDescription


Suitable for information with string as a format

E.g. Name, Address, Preferred Name


Suitable for information that has a limited set of values

E.g. Plan Type Gender, Favourite Brand, Country, Customer Type


Suitable for information that has a true or false value

E.g. Lead Status, Allergic, Availability


Suitable for information that is in email format

E.g. Work email, Personal Email


Suitable for information that requires number format

E.g. Plan Value, Number of Transactions


Suitable for information that requires link format

E.g. Company Website, Privacy Policy, File Link


Suitable for information that is in date format

E.g. Birthdate, Last transaction date


Suitable for information that is in time format

E.g. Preferred contact time

Tips: Choosing the right field type will enable information validation that will improve the collection of contacts' information.

The platform no longer supports specifying a default value of a custom field due to server performance.

Editing a custom field

From the custom field record, you can press the Edit button under the actions menu and this should open the Edit Custom Field dialog.

In this menu, you can make changes to the name, descriptions, values (if applicable) and the default value.

Make the necessary changes and press UPDATE.

After a field is added, you cannot change the field type. If you need to do so, you can add another field with the preferred field type.

Deleting Custom Fields

When a custom field is no longer needed, it can be deleted from the space by choosing Delete from the actions menu.

Deleting a custom field will completely remove it from your space and any data associated with the field will be removed.

Be careful when you delete a survey as it may be used by other users in the space. Bear in mind that the deletion cannot be undone.

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