Access Levels

There are four levels of access each with a varying degree of access to Space.

There are four user roles on the YesHello platform. Different user roles have different levels of access to the Space they have been invited to. The four user roles are:

Wisely assign roles to users in order to protect your Space. Roles allow you to limit the level access of each collaborator that you invite to your Space.

User Roles in Detail

The table below outlines the access level of each role.

The Creator

When you create a new Space, you become the Space's Creator. As the creator of the Space, your account will have full access to everything on the Space.

As the Creator, you can invite Owners, Managers and Agents to the Space to collaborate. The Creator can also remove any of these users from the Space at any time.

The Creator is the only access level able to upgrade Platform Plans. The Billing page is only be accessible to the Creator.

The Creator's role cannot be changed.

The Owner

The Owner is a user access level that has access to all the modules of YesHello except for Billing. Owners can be invited to the Space by the Creator of the Space or other Owners of the Space.

Owners are able to access Settings to configure channels, configure integrations as well as add/revoke owners, managers and operators.

Owners are not able to delete Spaces or change Platform Plans.


Managers are invited to work on the space by the Creator or by Owners.

Managers do no have access to the Settings Module or Billing Module. However they do have access to all other modules.

Managers can add/revoke Agents to/from the Platform.


Agents have been invited to collaborate on the Space by the Creator, an Owner or a Manager.

The Agent only has access to the Dashboard and the Messages Module. Agents help with responding to messages, but cannot manage the Space. Agents cannot invite or manage other collaborators.

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