User Activity Status

Set up and manage User Activity Status

User Activity Status indicates your activity status that is visible to everyone in your team. This can be observed in various places on the platform. The most apparent would be on the top right of the platform, where there would be a colored indicator beside your Avatar.

Another section where this can be seen is in the User Settings Section.

There are three user activity status that are used throughout the platform.

  • Online

  • Away

  • Offline

Change your status by pressing the dropdown button on the top right to open a popup menu and select which status accordingly.

Online Mode

Select this mode when you are available and answering messages. This is useful when working with multiple team members on the platform where your status is visible to everyone in the Space. The status of all users is visible when assigning a contact and on the user settings.

This mode is also used as one of the options in Automatic Contact Assignment.

For more information, look at the page on Automatic Contact Assignment.

Away Mode

Select this mode when you are not available for answering messages. This mode is useful when taking a break from answering messages.

You can also use this mode, if you need to access the platform but don't want any contacts to be automatically assigned to you (e.g. supervisor or technical administrator). This is to let your colleagues know if you are active, and can be seen when assigning a contact

Offline Mode

This mode is selected automatically after several minutes of inactivity or logging out of the platform. In this state, there will be no new pending contact assigned.

Your status will be automatically reverted to previous state when you are back on the platform.

For more information on User Inactivity, look at the page on Settings.

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