User Profile

Manage your profile on the platform.

The User Profile Module allows you to view at and manage your user settings on the platform. There are two main section of User Profile.

  • Popup Menu

  • Profile Page

There would be a colored indicator beside your profile picture to indicate User Activity Status.

For more information, look at the page on User Activity Status.

The Popup Menu displays brief information regarding your account. Press the top right section on the platform to access Popup Menu. Other settings that can be configured here include changing of Avatar, User Activity Status, and Space. For Owner and Creator, new Space can be created here too.

Change your Avatar directly without accessing Profile Page by pressing the pencil icon.

The following quick access buttons are also displayed at the bottom of the Popup Menu

  • Billing

  • Logout

  • Privacy Policy

  • Terms of Service

Billing is only accessible to Space Creator.

Profile Page

To view your profile page, press the Avatar from the Quick Access.

The First Name and Last Name fields shows your name that will be displayed on the platform. Note that it will only be used internally within the platform. By default, it uses your name from when your account was first created.

You can change the displayed name of your account anytime by modifying the respective fields and pressing the "SAVE PROFILE" button to save your changes.

Changing Avatar

To update your Avatar that shows on the platform, hover to the Avatar on left and press change.

An image can be simply dragged and dropped into the circle and can be further adjusted.

Customise your Avatar image either by zooming in and out, rotating it or flip it in any direction.

If you want to use another image, press on the trash icon on the right end to remove it and start over.

Once finished, press on "SET AS AVATAR" to save it and your new Avatar will saved.

This image will be visible to everyone in your team.

Changing Passwords

To update your password to the platform, type your new password into the "New Password" and "Repeat New Password" fields and press the blue "SAVE PROFILE" button.

You can simply leave the field empty if you don't want to change your password when updating your other user profile settings.

To ensure security, passwords must be at least 6 characters in length.

Email Notifications

In this dropdown menu, you can change how often you will be alerted by email.

By default, you will receive email notifications for all contacts. However, you can also choose to receive email notifications only for contacts that have been assigned to you. Alternatively, you can also completely opt out of receiving any email notifications at all.

For more information on Notifications, you can read the documentation page here.

Remember to press the blue "SAVE PROFILE" button to save any changes you made to your user profile.

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