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360Dialog Application Process Video Walk Thru

Step 1: Please read in full the Terms of Use and Pricing details below:
Step 2: Fill up and submit the 360DIALOG online form: Click here.​
Step 3: Once the forms above have been submitted, someone from 360DIALOG will get in contact with you to finalize your application, which should be 1-2 working days after the online forms above are submitted.
Step 4: Next you will need to go through the 8-Part Activation Process on the 360DIALOG Customer Hub
Step 5: This entire process should take around 14-21 days to be fully approved by WhatsApp and your line can go live.
For More info about 360Dialog Onboarding Guide, click here.​
Video guide for Step by Step 360Dialog Application, click here.​

360 Submission Form

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