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Advise when Broadcasting and how to avoid Spamming

Spam Safety and WhatsApp Line Blocked

Security and blockages

The main reason WhatsApp can block a number is because of user complaints about spam. Just a few clicks on the "This is spam" button after you send your messages. You will not be able to unlock your phone number. You will not be able to get your customers' answers. You will lose your subscriber base and you will have to activate a new phone number (we do not charge you any additional fees).

If you are banned, please contact our technical support team.

How to avoid blocking? Our marketing recommendations:

  • Set up the advertising in such a way that the user is the first to write to you (the "Mark as Spam" button does not appear).

  • Send messages only to your loyal database of numbers that have given you their consent.

  • Don't send the same messages, change them: personalize the messages (β€œHi,”).

  • Take advantage of the opportunity to subscribe and unsubscribe from your mailing list in each message. To do this, add reply buttons (e.g. "Write 0 to unsubscribe")

  • Minimize the presence of a link in messages at first broadcast

  • Offer users to save your contact

Our technical recommendations:

  • New phone numbers have a greater risk of being blocked. Before connecting a completely new number, we advise you to use Whatsapp personally for some time (chat with other numbers so that you have a variety of incoming and outgoing messages from different numbers)

  • Use secure authentication in your personal account

  • When you start using the broadcasting, send no more than 5-10 messages per minute, i.e. send messages in batches, not all at once. The longer your account is active, the more messages you can send per minute.

  • Do not use numbers and devices(!) that have already been blocked by WhatsApp.

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