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Connecting a 360Dialog WhatsApp API account to chat with customers over Whatsapp.

360Dialog WhatsApp API is run as a Managed Service. You can request an account here or Contact Us for questions.

360Dialog is another WhatsApp API Partner that provides API for connecting WhatsApp.

In addition to providing SMS, 360Dialog is also an API provider that works directly with WhatsApp. It provides businesses with purchase phone numbers and WhatsApp Official API accounts.

This 360Dialog WhatsApp API integration lets you respond to WhatsApp messages directly from our platform.

Messaging Window

The 360Dialog WhatsApp Channel has a 24 hour messaging window. Once a WhatsApp User messages your WhatsApp Business Account, you will have 24 hours to reply.

After 24 hours no reply will be possible unless you use a Template.

Connecting 360Dialog WhatsApp API

Once the account is approved, one of our success managers will connect the channel to your account for you.

Channel Configuration

Every 360Dialog WhatsApp channel connected can be configured with a unique:

  • Channel Name

  • Greeting Message

1. Navigate to Settings > Channel Settings.

2. Find the 360Dialog channel to configure.

3. Press the blue Configure button.

4. Configure the channel.

5. Press Done.

Your Channel Name and/or Greeting Message has been edited.

Configuring WhatsApp Message Template

Before sending a message template to a contact, the message template has to be submitted and approved by WhatsApp.

Please seek assistance from our Customer Success Manager to configure WhatsApp Message Templates for your Space.

1. Navigate to Settings > Channels 2. Select the WhatsApp 360Dialog channel and press 'TEMPLATES' 3. Press 'ADD NEW TEMPLATES'

4. Fill in the required information

5. Review the information and press 'SAVE' when it is ready.


β€ŒStill having trouble with the channel? Contact us here!

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