Twilio WhatsApp

Connecting a Twilio WhatsApp API account to chat with customers over Whatsapp.
To connect Twilio WhatsApp, a Twilio WhatsApp API account is required. We have a guide to creating one here.​
The WhatsApp Logo
In addition to providing SMS, Twilio is also an API provider that works directly with WhatsApp. Twilio provides businesses with purchase phone numbers and WhatsApp Official API accounts.
This Twilio WhatsApp API integration lets you respond to WhatsApp messages directly from our platform.

Messaging Window

The Twilio WhatsApp Channel has a 24 hour messaging window. Once a WhatsApp User messages your WhatsApp Business Account, you will have 24 hours to reply.
After 24 hours no reply will be possible unless you use a Template.

Connecting Twilio WhatsApp

1. Navigate to Settings > Add Channel > WhatsApp > Twilio.
Connecting Twilio WhatsApp
2. Sign in to Twilio.
3. Find the Account SID on the Dashboard and add it in the field provided.
Account SID and Auth Token on Twilio
4. Find the Auth Token on the Dashboard and add it in the field provided.
5. Press Next.
Connecting Twilio WhatsApp
6. Navigate to Programmable SMS > WhatsApp > Senders.
7. Press Configure next to the WhatsApp Number to be connected.
Configuring your WhatsApp Webhook
8. Add the WhatsApp Enabled Number found in the From field provided.
The WhatsApp Enabled Number should look something along the lines of whatsapp:+12025550136.
9. Add URL generated to the field A Message Comes In.
Getting the WhatsApp Enabled Number
10. Add the URL generated to the field Status Callback URL.
11. Press Done.
All future WhatsApp messages sent to that phone number will appear on the YesHello Platform.

Channel Configuration

Every Twilio WhatsApp channel connected can be configured with a unique:
  • Channel Name
  • Greeting Message
1. Navigate to Settings > Channel Settings.
2. Find the Twilio channel to configure.
Channel Settings
3. Press the blue Configure button.
Configure Twilio WhatsApp
4. Configure the channel.
5. Press Done.
Your Channel Name and/or Greeting Message has been edited.

Configuring WhatsApp Message Template

Before sending a message template to a contact, the message template has to be submitted and approved by WhatsApp. Please refer to the WhatsApp Partners API, Twilio for the official documentation on how to set up the WhatsApp Message Template.
Once all is set up at Twilio, you may proceed to configure at YesHello Platform.
1. Navigate to Settings > Channels 2. Select the WhatsApp Twilio channel and press 'TEMPLATES' 3. Press 'ADD NEW TEMPLATES'
Configure Twilio WhatsApp
4. Fill in the required information
Setting up WhatsApp Message Template for Twilio
Template Name
A name used to identify the template
Template Content
The message template approved by WhatsApp and to be sent to the contact
Single select
In which category does this template belong to. Refer here for list of categories.
Single select
In which language this template is written in
5. Review the information and press 'SAVE' when it is ready.


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