Channels Overview

Supported Channels

As of now, YesHello supports the following channels and the platform will continue to support more channels in the future.

If there is a channel you don't see the list and you would like the platform to support, please do not hesitate to add a request or upvote an existing one on our Feature Requests page.

Channel Capabilities

If you are missing a channel you would like to see on the platform, please add or upvote it on our Feature Requests page.

The table below will give you a quick comparison between channels.

* Channel does not support rich UI quick replies, uses numeric system instead.

^ Not all channel partners allow broadcasts.

Βͺ Some channels have a messaging window, replies can only be sent within the messaging window.

˘ Some channels have channel specific features, you can find out more on the channel page.

ΒΊ Some channels have additional fees put in place by the channel provider.

Message Status Availability

Messaging Window

Some messaging channels have a limited messaging window for the contact to receive a response. The messaging window refreshes every time a message is received from a contact. Refer to the following channel and their respective messaging window:

The 24-hour messaging window is only applicable to WhatsApp Partner API channels; Twilio, Vonage, MessageBird & 360Dialog. WhatsApp Chat API does not have this limitation as it is not a WhatsApp Partner.

Messages can still be sent outside the messaging window but it will not be delivered. There will be a red exclamation mark indicating the message is not delivered along with an error message.

For Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, they have a feature that allows users to send a message to the contacts beyond the 24 hours messaging window.

To send a message to Facebook contacts after the messaging window, you can use Facebook Messenger Message Tag to do so. For more information on, look at Facebook Messenger Message Tag.

To send a message to WhatsApp contacts after the messaging window, you can use WhatsApp Message Templates to do so. For more information on, look at WhatsApp Message Templates.

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