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Data Export

You can easily export contacts and conversations from the space to perform in-depth analysis

Getting Here

This setting is accessible by Owner and Manager only!
This setting can be accessed from the Settings navigation menu under the menu item, Data Export.

Exporting Data

Step 1: Select the data to be exported You may select Contacts or Conversations.
Step 2: Select a date range This is only applicable if you have selected Conversations from the previous step
Step 3: Export Data Once you are ready, you may click on Export Data to begin the process.
Step 4: Download File Once the file is ready to be downloaded, you will receive a notification and you may download the file from the Data Export History table.
Data Export is only allowed one at a time per space. If there is a processing data export job in a space, no users can perform another data export job within the same space.
The requested data export file is only valid for 7 days, starting from the time requested. If you need to download the same file, please request the same data export.

Data Export History

Table Headers
Date Requested
The date of which the data export was requested
Data Set
The data set that was requested
Requested By
The user who requested for the data export job
The status of the data export request

Data Export Tutorial Video